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Lendinero 360
small business plan

60% of businesses experience financial issues every year

Lendinero 360 small business plan is only $39.99 per month and gives you access to business assistance to a network of business and financial advisors.

Less than $1.35 per day. Cancel at any time. Month to month service.

Limited to 3 phone calls and separate business matters per month.
For $360 dollars per year you get business advice from an outside source. This is
why we call it Lendinero 360 small business plan.

What's Included in Your Plan

Financial Reviews

An accountant can be expensive month to month. We can review profit to loss statements to reduce expenses and increase profits.  Also, we can recommend how to obtain a profit to loss month to month without having to pay thousands of dollars.  Last, we will show you how to use this information with your accountant. We can review last 3 months of bank statements to determine if you are prepared for financing and what you need to do to obtain the best business loans. Also, know more than ever you need to be prepared for an SBA audit.  If you obtained a PPP or EIDL loans you are subject to an audit at any time.  We can provide advice on how to allocate funds properly to beat an audit.

Debt & Loan Reviews

Do you have existing business loans, business credit card or business lines of credit? Is paying these loans becoming an issue? Are you loosing sleep at night? We can review your existing loans and provide solutions on what to do.  This may include a consolidation plan, refinancing, financial restructuring or other solutions.

Increasing Sales

Are you concerned about increasing sales? Want more customers?  Don't have an idea on how to increase customers and revenues.  With few simple questions we can provide 2 to 4 solutions on how to increase sales and gain new customers. 

Document & Form Reviews

Did you know that many businesses suffer from having certain documents in place. The most common mistake is having your company registration inactive, having different addresses on important legal documents, and using a trade name or dba with an LLC or Inc.  We will review your tax returns, company registrations, bank statements and all corporate docs to assure that everything is in order. 8 out of 10 loan applications, get denied for these reasons. Last, we can review letters you receive with financial information.  *no legal advice, just business and financial advice.

Financing Solutions

Maybe you don't need financing at this time. Sooner or later you may need capital for your business.  The biggest mistakes businesses make is applying for a business loan when things are bad or at the last minute.  We can review existing financial documentation and determine the steps needed to secure different types of financing.  We can let you know what is available to you, to include:

  • Personal loans

  • SBA traditional loans

  • Grants if available

  • Alternative business financing

  • Commercial real estate financing

  • Account receivables financing

  • Investor capital  

With Lendinero 360, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.