Payment Protection Program Application


We are a technology company offering a web platform designed to assist businesses access the PPP. Nothing on our website should be interpreted to mean that Lendinero can or will (i) determine your eligibility or ineligibility for PPP, (ii) apply for a PPP loan on your behalf, (iii) check the accuracy, completeness, or lawfulness of your PPP loan application, (iv) help you skip legally required steps, (v) accelerate your application with the SBA, or (vi) increase your chances of receiving funding. Lendinero is compensated by lenders, including for helping you apply with them. Lendinero is not a PPP lender, and is not in the business of providing legal or tax advice. There are over 5,000 PPP lenders with whom you may choose to apply, for free. If you would like more details on other PPP options or program details, please visit

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