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Business Membership Benefits

Affordable monthly business advice and customer benefits. As a member
you can consult a business advisor month to month on any business topic.
For less than a cup of coffee per day, get business advice. Also, as customer
enjoy monthly rewards, benefits and incentives. Make additional income along the way


  • Launching a new business

  • Expansion and growth

  • Getting new customers

  • Increasing sales

  • Improving cash flow

  • Reducing expenses

  • Increasing revenues

  • Effective management

  • Obtaining financing

  • Future planning

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For less than a cup of coffee per
day consult a business advisor on any business matter or issues.

Also, once you become a customer you will have additional benefits not offered to the public via our customer rewards.

Make additional income as a preferred customer and obtain incentives.

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Why use an external business advisor?

The real benefits that external advisors bring to any business includes:

  • Cost effective

  • Unbiased views

  • Fresh perspective

  • Different and new ideas

  • Greater and often more up to date expertise

  • Higher level of analytics and ability to analyze as an outsider

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