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LFS Agent Tools is an online platform that provides you access to tools and resources to help you start a business with us. We welcome existing ISOs too. Lendinero Financial Services Business Opportunity is an ideal venture in this economy.  Help businesses obtain capital and make money along the way. We conduct 100% of our business online. While many business try to transition to an online business, we have been in the online space since 2014.  

LFS uses the latest technology to help you build a successful business as an agent or an business loan agency. With LFS, you can be confident that you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to make you successful as an agent or independent business owner. 

You can create your profile once you login.  You can login and logout at any time.  If you forget your password, just request a new one.  That simple. 

Training & Tools For You !
Why Business Finance?

Training Guides That Will Help You Succeed 
Guide 1: Generating Prospects & Clients  Learn how to obtain prospects and clients. Proven tactics. 

Guide 2: How to recruit & get Referral Build a team of agents and create a business loan agency with us. 

Guide 3: Product Guide Our product guide will help you become familiar with our core programs.

Guide 4: The Business Needs Analysis  Uncover prospect needs to convert them into clients.

Business Forms & Applications Tabs 
Basic business forms to obtain new clients, assess needs and submit new loan files with us.


Marketing Materials Tab
A marketing team working for you. PNG flyers you can use to market on social media, posts, emails, text and Whats App. 

30 Million Businesses   
Over 30 Million businesses need our help. Sooner or later
every business needs capital.


Consistent Need Unlike other financial service products; business owners always need money for inventory, expansion, etc.

Residual Income
Each time a business gets capital, you make money. Our clients obtain 2 to 3 loans per year.

A multi billion dollar industry Online financing, known as fintech has become a multi billion dollar industry.  

Low overhead costs To get started all you need is a laptop, good internet and the desire to succeed.  Low start up cost.

Growth Potential Start from home, a small office or an existing agency and convert this into a full-time business or business unit.

Support Your in business for yourself, but not by yourself. We provide you the tools, support staff you need. 




Each tab was create in a chronological order.  This way you can use them accordingly.  

Business Presentation BPR & Video Introduction - Recruiting Tab 
Everyone was presented with the business presentation BPR.  The purpose of this tools is to utilize to recruit new agents.  If you are interested in recruiting agents, this is the tool to use.  By using the BPR you: 
1. Talk about the company 
2. The opportunity 
3. The compensation plan 
4. Next steps to get started 

Also, we have included the contracts and forms to get signed by each agent if you recruit them. 


Build your team with our resources 
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